About NaturaLiving

The promise we make to those who want to be more in touch with nature in their lives, as well as in their homes.

NaturaLiving is our promise to inspire!

It’s the promise we make to those who want to be more in touch with nature, not only in their lives but also in their homes.

The NaturaLiving adventure is tied to the experiences that we, Alexandra and Roxana, had in exotic places. Spending our time there, we were able to see beauty in the simpler things, and to find a way of living that was more in touch with nature and with hand-made objects made out of natural fibers.

We are dedicated to carefully curating only the best products, all of which are hand-made out of wood fibers from rattan, jute, bamboo, palm, coir, or seagrass. We guarantee the premium quality of our products, and we are sure that you will find a unique design in each of these, turning them into practical and fashionable accessories.

This is all so that you will be able to enjoy special items, inspired through nature, which are more importantly tactfully hand-made in exotic countries. We love nature and want to promote the creativity of those who want to highlight it in a sustainable way.

The NaturaLiving Challenge now falls on you! Embrace nature and enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!

We’ll be with you on your NaturaLiving journey,

Alexandra and Roxana